Searching for experienced professionals or temporaries?
Seeking a full-time position or rewarding temporary project?
Looking to maximize performance and lower costs through
one full service specialized staffing provider?

StaffingForce has your solution.


Founded by veterans of the staffing industry, StaffingForce is a recognized leader in the staffing industry, serving customers ranging from the Fortune 500 to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Full-time Staffing1

As specialists in contingency staffing, we provide a means for clients to hire the highest-quality professionals seeking the challenges and rewards of becoming full-time employees.

We charge a fee only after a successful hire.

Our extensive industry and occupational specialty expertise enables us to provide executive, middle management and staff-level solutions at a level above and beyond that which most clients and candidates expect.

We service all:

  • Occupations
  • Industries

Temporary Staffing

We provide companies highly specialized, highly skilled senior-level consultants and professional temporaries on a project and tempaorty basis, helping them complete challenging projects on time and more cost-effectively.


  • Employer of Record
  • Unlimited Payroll Funding
  • Payroll Processing
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Billing and Payments

Staffing Specialties

  • StaffingForce Accounting & Finance Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Clinical & Scientific Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Education Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Engineering & Design Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Healthcare Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Human Resources Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Industrial Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Information Technology Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Legal Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Marketing & Creative Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Office & Clerical Solutions™
  • StaffingForce Sales Solutions™


Need candidates?

Our search, recruitment and staffing services are specifically designed to reduce your cost per hire while expediting the time it takes to fill your full-time and temporary job openings.

We earn our fee only after a successful hire.

If you do not hire anyone from us, you owe us nothing.


Following an initial consultation, we will:

  • Search proprietary databases to target the best candidates
  • Identify, assess and recruit from the most viable industries
  • Contact and present your opportunity to the candidates
  • Screen and assess targeted candidates
  • Rank and select the most qualified candidates
  • Present the credentials of the selected candidates to you
  • Coordinate and schedule only the best candidates for interviews
  • Debrief you and each candidate after the interview
  • Work closely with you to select the finalists
  • Conduct reference checks (if requested)
  • Submit references to you
  • Facilitate finalist interviews
  • Negotiate compensation and offer acceptance
  • Assist candidate with relocation (if necessary)

Job Seekers

Need a new job?

Whether you're a top executive, mid-level manager or staff-level professional, we're here to help you get the most out of your career.

We listen to your career and personal objectives, advise you on all your options, and propose solutions to help you reach your full potential – all the while helping you find the full-time or temporary job that is best for you.


Following an initial consultation, we will:

  • Use personal interviews and career information to ensure you're matched with jobs that align with your experience, education and preferences
  • Assist you in authoring the most effective resume, preparing for interviews and negotiating the best compensation package – all for free
  • Never reveal personal information like your contact details and past employers to employers without your permission
  • Contact you immediately each time you're selected for an open position
  • Facilitate the interview process when you decide to interview for a particular job
  • Check references for you (if needed)
  • Negotiate compensation and offer acceptance
  • Assist you with relocation (if necessary)
  • Facilitate a smooth transition into your new job
  • Initiate a staffing effort for your spouse ( when necessary)


Email: info@staffingforce.com